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The switch: Lightfair becomes LEDfair

Attendees witnessed a dramatic shift at this week’s Lightfair 2010, the lighting industry’s most visible, 20th annual conference and tradeshow – LED’s have become the dominant lighting technology in virtually every session, presentation and vendor booth.  Goodbye fluorescent, halogen, high intensity discharge, induction, you’re all passe’, OLEDs your time will come….

While Lightfair 2009 was a coming out party for LED’s, this year EVERY possible lighting application, from 2 watt dimmable candelabras to 200 watt street lighting, was on display.  LED chip performance has increased another 30% since last year and manufacturers have seen the proverbial light.  UL’s engineering teams are now overwhelmed with the volume of pending new applications they need to review. Read the rest of this entry »

    Digital Lumens’ first LED customer installs

    Now that Digital Lumens (DL) is out of stealth mode it makes sense for us to start covering some of our learnings with LED high wattage applications.

    Beginning last year we conducted a series of DL test trials with our customers.  Recently we exhibited at the IARW show as a “coming out” party, showing both the now shipping DL system and a short video from our first large installation at a yet-to-be-announced freezer cold storage facility.

    Prior to our DL tests we had learned that operating managers had three general concerns about LED high wattage applications – (1) light level performance, (2) cost and (3) glare.

    Digging into each…. Read the rest of this entry »

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